UPIX, a freeware project

UPIX, a freeware project based on Iannis Xenakis' UPIC, consists of 3 core modules running in real-time (see figure below): a graphical interface, a correlation system (mappings) and a synthesis engine. The main challenge of the UPIX project is the design of a central mixer for collaborative music using the macrostructure formalism of UPIC. Discussions focused on new solutions for the 3 core modules of UPIX to reach the following objectives:

* Allow different types of inputs to define arcs: architect table (historical input device for UPIC), controllers, motion capture sensors and sound samples.
* Provide a user-friendly graphical interface to visualize, transform and mix UPIX inputs.
* Use UPIX in real-time for music composition (historical use of UPIC), and live performance.
* Develop UPIX with appropriate freeware platforms and tools.

Item originally posted to the a human movement blog