Risking Safety

Discussing the Dark Passages website, Thomas mentioned that Sun City Girls' X+Y=Fuck You was an ideal soundtrack to the images and stories of reckless adventure among decrpitude and decay. I concurred, citing their sense of danger and excitement in the their choices of music and sound, words and travels. Thomas wondered why he lived his life within the safe confines of sports, work and sleep, rather than living each day as if it is the last, experiencing danger and the extreme.

Later that evening, while wondering what the next steps in my life should be -- whether to apply to CUNY, which career path to take, what life to wake up to each day -- Abbey and I struck upon the keystone in the wall keeping me from advancing. I spent my life avoiding risks for fear of failing. Yet, in avoiding any risks, I've also avoided any of the benefits that come along. I've sacrificed happiness, success, love of career, new friends, travel adventures and joy for the gains of comfort, "no worries" and safety. After this realization I received an email from Thomas that acknowledged his and my "state of craving safety." But now I am prepared to take the risk. I will take risks wherever possible: in conversation, in the way I dress, in how I play and write.

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