E Y E B E A M : R&D Fellowship

E Y E B E A M : R&D Fellowship

Please answer all of the following questions as informatively and concisely as you can. Responses will be truncated to meet the maximum length for each question.

###What is the most interesting technology project you have worked on in the past? why? (1000 characters max)

Cancer Immunity XML for PubMedCentral?

###What is your Dream Project to work on in the future? (1000 characters max)

###Why do you want to dedicate a year of work to public domain research and development? (1000 characters max)

###What style of collaborations do you prefer? (1000 characters max)

###Briefly note some of your favorite projects that you have seen done by others in recent years. (2000 characters max)

American Memory, GMAPs API: Housing, pedometer, &c., Public Library of Science, Natalie Jeremejinko, Mootcher plugin for PureData and FreeSound project.

http://www.freedomtoaster.org/ "South Africa's Mark Shuttleworth Foundation has a solution to getting open source out to places with low broadband : the "freedom toaster". The idea is simple : a bring-and-burn software kiosk."

Linux Music Applications on a CD (knoppix?)

###Briefly describe your approach to doing technical work and experimentation. (1000 characters max)

###What is your professional and educational background (if there is anything missing from your resume)? (2000 characters max)

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