Oak Knoll Antiquarian Book Catalogue

I recently submitted a re-design for Oak Knoll's Antiquarian Catalogue. Oak Knoll is "the world's largest inventory of books about books and bibliography," with a hefty share of titles concerning typography and book design.

I used Robert Slimbach's Minion Pro Condensed with its
proportional ("Old Style") figures, widely spaced small caps for book titles, and a very readable italic for book descriptions:

Oak Knoll Antiquarian Catalogue design

The page proportion is a standard 2:3 (a perfect fifth, according to Robert Bringhurst's "Page Proportions As Musical Intervals") and I designed a harmonic text block proportion of 3:5 (Bringhurst's major sixth) with margin proportions 1:2 (the octave):

Oak Knoll Antiquarian Catalogue design

Not a winning design, but an enjoyable exercise and a chance to dig deeply into a treasure-filled catalogue for bibliophiles.

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