roli lets us know the whys and hows of living with

Roli lets us know the WHYs and HOWs of living with sneakers. 


Kicks are made for rockin™

There is a reason this image grabbed me by the heartstrings — a few reasons actually — and I’ve been asked to ramble about it a bit. So here we go, this first in what will hopefully be a long series of “How much do I love this? Let me count the ways”

  1. No boxes in sight
    I firmly believe that you should rock your kicks, always. None of this if they get stepped on their ruined and never to be worn again. Clearly he gets em and wears em. For the most part, the cleanest kicks in these pics are the most recent releases
  2. Its not always about Jordans
    Comme des Garcon Chuckies, both Yeezy 1’s, and the 2 best Galaxy releases (KD IV + Foams)
  3. All the classic headturners are represented
    BRED 11’s, Lighting 1’s, Olympic 6’s, Grape 5’s, etc
  4. This sneakerhead is the obi-won to my luke skywalker
    I am a very picky person. Unabashedly so. Though I would never wear the Jordan 2’s for instance, I have a specific set of Jordans I love best and within that set I would only want to own specific colorways. What this collection here shows is all of my preferences represented, even the ones I would own if I didn’t continually prioritize. The rest of this list will speak to those specifically.
  5. Bottom left corner: Jordan 1
    I own all of those except the yellow and grey pairs. I wear the celtics pair at least once a week. I think these are the classic sneaker to wear with anything at anytime. They are the sneaker I believe inspired creative recreation. 
  6. Bottom right corner: Blue White Jordan 13
    This is my around the house and around the block shoe. I wear it exclusively within a 1/4 mile radius of my bedroom with shorts.
  7. Above the 1’s: Jordan 3
    The black cements which I did my first release day store lineup for. Luckily the line was 3 deep. The white cements beside them which I’ve come to believe is the pinnacle of a white sneaker to go with any jeans. I don’t own these.
  8. Top left corner: 5’s and 4’s! 
    I patiently await the arrival of the Fire Reds, with the white upper and red/black outsole. I want to play basketball in them. I imagine myself with them occasionally. 2013 re-up. Not pictured here are the 5 & 4 I do own: the wolf greys and militarys respectively. hmmm.

So that’s that! A truly respectable collection, that are clearly rocked with pride and humility (notice the dirty outsoles but thats all). Funny story: my 4’s, I keep trying ot break them in by walking around the hood with them until they get worn in and slightly scuffed enough to become my go to white kicks. Cuz now they are just too bright

You get me?

Item originally posted to WeekendWindow tumblr