Why is Contemporary Art an...

Why is Contemporary Art an oligarchic “dialogue” between competing Andy Warhol fans rather than a place where anyone who has a new idea about the way the world could look throws their hat in the ring and then fans come and see if the hat fits their head? […]

And soon people would say that art needed “the critic in order to complete it” and nobody would think this was insane the way they would’ve if you’d told them “Psycho” or “Like A Rolling Stone” needed a critic to complete it and the critics were extremely chuffed of course and people who liked to look at things were off somewhere else looking at things which were contemporary and art but not Contemporary Art and occasionally developments would occur which “shook the art world” which meant “shook the narrow assumptions of a bunch people who all agreed about nearly everything and assumed nearly all the same things”.

sketchbook: Why People Hate Art

Zak Smith (of Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon’s Novel Gravity’s Rainbow) on, basically, why people hate art.

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