'generic' is an idea about...

'generic' is an idea about presets that is mostly cultural. its a problematic differentiator because it presupposes that there is a 'real'. when i remove the difference between real and generic i can approach music production in a materials-oriented way, manipulating the affects themselves, instead of being used by them, to reinforce their stereotypes, histories, etc. this doesn't disqualify 'real' sounds, in fact it gives them a chance to morph which is crucial for me. its about flattening all those differences. midi is just a way to deal w/ digital events in time, so its kind of interesting that its thought of as a 'texture'.
—Daniel Lopatin, who records as Oneohtrix Point Never, answers a question during his Reddit AMA about his compositional transition from using “vintage, analog synths” to “using progressively less ‘cool’ sounds, to the point where you’re often using just generic midi presets.”

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