I'm having too much trouble

I'm having too much trouble trying to download this new Linux distribution (as an ISO file) and burn it to CD so it is a bootable CD-ROM. The question now is whther to order a RedHat clone called PinkTie from Cheapbytes for 12.99 plus shipping, or just suck it up and buy the real thing from a vendor in the city for 39.99.

That maxtor drive looks incredible, Nick, but I'm not sure I'm ready for 160 Gigs yet. And when I am, 7200 rpm might be slooooow. But what a fuckin' deal!

Merlot has already pointed me in some interesting Fibonacci directions. And I believe they consider themselves an "open resource," not neccesarily "open source."

Someone that works for Harmonia Mundi sent me this free of charge:

And it has been blowing (minds). Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Dennis Charles and Henry Grimes (!). Playing all Thelonious Monk. Free in terms of expressing within Monk's gorgeous writing, but not an ecstatic excess. Really to be beheld.

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