On Improving One's Character

Benjamin Franklin, in his Autobiography, sets out a list of principles, or virtues, that he intends to follow. These virtues he finds in various texts he has read over the years; he accumulates, categorizes, reduces to essesnces and then places them in an orderly list. And from this excercise he goes on to transform his character, public and private, into one he feels more destined for. While reading his process, I remembered Managing Your Mind -- with its lists, excercises and root idea of improving ones character. ANd now I am remnded of my promised activity of continuing my Cognitive Therapy on my own. I am to inspect my life, my feelings, thoughts and actions on a weekly basis. Franklin's scheme made use of a recording mechanism, and it was this that kept him on track towards his goal of self-improvement. If I am to reach my goal, I must revisit and devise a similar recording and review scheme, one regularly consulted and evaluated. My first step will be to look to Managing Your Mind for a recommended plan of action.

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