Designing Future

What sounds right? Where can i fit in, but with plenty of room to grow and change? Who will accept my multiple aptitudes and varied, constantly changing interests? Are they constantly changing?

I like sound and music. THis is a given. Rhythms and drones and melodies and juxtapostions; sweet silence.

I like to work with computers. And I am reasonably good at it. I can learn software and concepts rather quickly. I have a working knowlede of PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, Quark, HTML, PHP and CSS. I can make my way around XML and C, video and sound editing programs and basic spreadsheets.

I like color in its subtelties and contrasts. I recognize the aesthetics of shapes and textures. Things can be pleasing.

I believe in sustainability and efficiency. Can the world be made better by design?

I could learn a HELL of a lot more about the history of design -- what works/worked and what doesn't/didn't. Color Theory. Shape Theory?

Out of this I get a good feeling about the design of public space. Making things/objects that can help people, that can make lives/life better. I am not as turned on by media. It is a cluttered landscape. THE CLUTTERED MEDIASCAPE. But findign the pleasing space an doffereing it to people. What IS pleasing? What is pleasing music?

More to come

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