Fooling around with the My Yahoo!. It recognizes that I already have favorite movie theatres saved with my yahoo account and displays them with upcoming show times.

I like the easy changability of the Google Personailized homepage better. Easy to add content, easy to edit layout and individual feeds. But neither of them can be as customizable as I would really like. For instance: I can't even change the name of the feed (module in Yahoo's case, content in google's).

Microsoft has jumped into the game. I might like this one the best, as it has the AJAX click and drag thing going on a la Google plus a quick style changer in the top left corner. But still doesn't have Yahoo's ability to say how many posts you want and whether you want the headlines AND the article summary.

Still, none of these allows for any editing (the title, for instance, would be grand) or choosing maybe JUST the summary and not the headline (helpful for audioscobbler feeds, which look diferent in the different portals).

I also really like going to individual websites. Not sure what to do with RSS at this point...

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