noxrpm well i started this tumblr one night


Well, I started this tumblr one night while I was reading Anne Carson’s Nox and listening to the first side of Wayne Shorter’s Night Dreamer in 45 RPM (hence the name of this site). And I’ve spewed on about Carson or name-dropped her and her amazing books here, there, while heating up brown rice in the office microwave, while running and thinking about doing ecstasy, while fasting

So it’s not hard for y’alls to imagine my small cardiac arrest at having seen these images below from her forthcoming translation of Sophocles, Antigonick? This book’s approach makes a lot of sense if you’ve read and loved what she wrote about in Decreation… more later on that. ND, you need to please send me a review copy, I’ll do your laundry…

newdirectionspublishing has the deets, and also, more pics from the New Directions Blog

Anticipating the release of Carson’s apparently beautiful Antigonick.

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