This gives way to the...

This gives way to the stunning second side which starts out with a minimal piece of tonefloat – “Prelude” – that sounds like a zonked out-take from Skip Spence’s Oar with the alien percussion sound from the original Sun Sessions recording of “Blue Moon” – style the most lunar of early rock/roll performances – married to wraiths of feedback tones and dark constellations of variously bowed non-identifiable instrumentation building to the amazing “The Danube” a piece of brain-stormingly devolved garage rocker complete with twin fuzz guitar euphorics and that classic Shaggs-meet-Siloah Nuss-style rhythm.
—Typical Volcanic Tongue histrionics in describing the new No Neck Blues Band LP. VOLCANIC TONGUE UPDATE 1 APRIL 2012

Item originally posted to WeekendWindow tumblr